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Alpha One A1 Grand Industrial Sales, Inc.


To increase the competitiveness of our customers by sourcing and providing them with the newest and best possible equipment, materials, processes and products that will give them an edge in the new global market place.

Alpha One A1Grand Industrial Sales, Inc. is an exclusive distributor of Europe’s GOSAN ASIA PTE LTD, the leading manufacturer of “Custom Rope Sheaves & Blocks” with over 45 years experience in custom design sheaves, made to the exacting requirements of their clients. We are also the exclusive distributor of the “DRAGON Brand Flat Webbing Sling & Endless Round Sling” (Nylon Sling – Specs: BN-EN 1492- 1) with a capacity of 1ton up to 24tons originating from Vietnam. Another product distributed by our company is the Greenpin (Van Beest) Heavy Duty Lifting & Fitting Materials.

Included in the list of our foreign partnerships are Kurganstalmost JSC- a Russian Steel Mill that specialized enterprise manufacturing steel superstructures for bridges; CSun Power a Tier One Bloomberg Solar Power Company; and ZhengDa ShenLing Elevators & Escalators.

Our strategic partnership with foreign principal suppliers further strengthens our position in providing strong technical support to ensure customer satisfaction, safety and convenience. Our company is supported by people with long track records in Engineering, Heavy Industry, Heavy Marine, Material Science, Business Management, Business Development, Marketing, sales and others.

We are in the service of Humanity, delivering products that benefit people and progress mankind.

Core Values

We are a driven enterprise, providing high reliability products and services. The Muscle of Modern Industries.

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