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A high technology company focused on new technologies and innovation for the Construction, Infrastructure, Environment, Energy, Electrical Vehicles and it’s support chain, new energy storage system, resources extraction, and more...

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WINSUN-ALPHA ONE 3D prints a new green building, dry construction, no dust, no noise, to create a first-class construction site, and contribute to the improvement of the construction environment. It saves materials, shorten construction time, reduce manpower, and improves quality compared to traditional construction methods.

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WINSUN-ALPHA ONE 3D printing technology reduces waste of resources and meets the harmony of architecture, man and nature to the maximum. Building of various style can meet environmental climate in any region and maximize to improve the comfort of living. Reasonable space layout will be given combined with family demands.

A revolutionary innovation that ushers the new era of eco-friendly, cost-efficient infrastructures.


3D printing technology completely overturns the traditional construction site with a noisy, dusty image. A drawing, a computer and a printer can print out a house with interior and exterior decoration, insulation, electromechanical, and structural integration.

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